Walkerville Art Show

In October, I was overjoyed to have sold three paintings at the Walkerville Art Show! It is a wonderful feeling, and an honour to think that someone loved them so much, they bought the paintings to put on the wall in their home, to look at every day.

The Art Show was a fantastic event, held at the St Andrew’s School Hall in Walkerville. It has been one of the few events that haven’t been cancelled this year, so there was certainly an air of excitement (and perhaps a little trepidation) from everyone who was involved. However, they hosted a wonderful show with many local artists showing their work, and even a band playing in the corner.

Run annually by volunteers from the Rotary Club of Walkerville Inc, the Walkerville Art Show raises funds for many charitable projects, including bushfire regeneration, mental health research, educating children in developing nations, and more. Learn more about the Walkerville Art Show.

Thank you to all the people involved in this event. You did a fantastic job under very unusual circumstances!