Looking for a statement piece to add energy and movement to your interior design?

With bold colors and dynamic textures, my abstract work is perfect for adding personality and sparking conversations in any space.

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There’s nothing quite like seeing a painting in person. 

Here is a list of where you can see my work in person. Or, feel free to contact me to organise a studio visit.

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Need a card for a special occasion?

Blank on the inside with a gloss finish, each card in this set of 12 features an image of one of my paintings. 

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Kat Gruber - Short Bio​

Kathryn Gruber is a contemporary abstract artist who uses her creative practice as a vehicle to express herself freely without inhibition.

Her work is a joyful and honest journey of self discovery, introspection, and often catharsis, creating highly expressive and dramatic paintings  rich with metaphor.


Image of abstract painting 'It Takes a Village' with artist, Kathryn Gruber