Nicholas Wilton’s Art2Life Workshop

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A few years back,  I painted beaches, buildings, and landscapes. I was sketching,  taking part in online challenges, loving it, and well and truly catching the creative bug. I REALLY wanted to take it to the next level, and I had always wanted to paint abstract. 

I gave it a red-hot go, but for some reason I just couldn’t make it work the way I wanted it to, and what was even worse, I didn’t know why the paintings didn’t work, and I quickly realised there was more to abstracts than I had assumed. 

For a couple of years, I watched Artist Nicholas Wilton, following his social media channels (Art2Life) and had regretted not taking part in his course in 2018. The artists who had taken part, had progressed so much in that time, in their work, and their confidence. It was exhilerating to watch. So, after doing lots of research about Nicholas, and his course, in 2019 I took part in his free workshop, then took the big leap and signed up for the full Art2Life Creative Visionary Program. 

The Art2Life Creative Visionary Program (CVP) is an extensive 3 month online program taught by Nick and his team of experienced coaches. The Art2Life Program was everything it promised to be and much more. They really over deliver. CVP taught me all about value, colour, design, texture, finishing, business, and how to use and experiment with materials, but most importantly, it inspired me, helped me to overcome my own resistance and blocks, increased my artistic confidence, and put me into contact with a fantastic community of artists from around the world. Nick has been making and teaching art for over 25 years, and he is known for helping artists push their art to exciting new places.

In the workshop, Nick will be talking about how to overcome struggles and blocks by mastering what he has called the “Art2Life Process”. 

Specifically, he will be covering the first 3 (and most important) stages in the Art2Life Process, including:


  • Why so many people with lots of education, degrees and experience still struggle to make art they love
  • How to master composition in a way that will quickly elevate your art


  • How to strengthen your discernment — that internal compass — that tells you when to go further, pivot, or pull back with your art
  • How to create a beautiful kind of depth and balance in your art


  • How to add a vibrant new level of dimension AND subtleness to your work with a perspective on color you haven’t heard before!
  • How to feel more confident in your creative choices — so you can begin making art MORE like YOU.

These ideas are simply not taught in art school (at least not in the way Nick teaches them) and most artists are left on their own to figure out why things aren’t working.

Interested? Save your spot in the FREE online Art2life workshop.

The free introductory workshop starts on Feb 15, and for those who continue, enrollment for the full workshop starts Feb 19, with class officially starting on Feb 25.

So if you are experienced, beginning, or just want to take your art to the next level, click here and leave your details to take part in the free course, and if you get some value out of it – great! There’s no obligation. 

Just to be up front, I do get a kickback for anyone who clicks this button and after doing the free course, then goes on to do the paid course, but I wouldn’t be promoting this course if it hadn’t been such a game-changer for me personally. I’ve done CVP for two years, and while I’m taking a break this year to work on my projects, and get more involved in the Art2Life Academy, I’ll definitely be doing it again next year. I find that each time I take part, it helps to shift things forwards with my work, and my life too. It’s weird how that works.

— Kat x

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'Poolside' is an original abstract painting by Kathryn Gruber