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The Blue Heart

“The Blue Heart” is a heavily textured mixed media abstract painting by Kathryn Gruber.

This painting is mixed media with dark values dominated by purples, blue and teal, with a red line in oil pastel that dances and swoops horizontally across the middle of the painting, from left to right. Lighter values such as white and beige surround the outside left and bottom with lines, scaffolding-like triangles, curved lines, and shapes with dots and lines carved into them with various pottery tools. A variety of texture is shown, from soft white, to flat purple, to lines scratched into the surface and areas of thick paint layered on top. A golden wash is evident in many areas, seeping into the texture. 



Ready to hang

  • Unframed size: 120cm x 60cm x 3.5cm (approx 47″ x 24″)
  • Framed size: 123cm x 63cm x 4.5cm (approx 48″ x 25″)
  • Weight 3.8kg
  • Approx 8lbs


If you would like to see how this painting would suit your decor, please contact me, and if you are local I can bring it to your home.

Alternatively, we can arrange an online viewing, where I overlay the painting on an image of your wall.

Free delivery within South Australia.

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If you live outside of Australia, larger paintings will need to be removed from stretcher bars and sent via mailing tube.
Please contact me for shipping costs.


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