Why do people buy my work?

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I believe that the people who like and buy my work are often looking for more than just decoration (of course, that’s always a bonus too!)

More than something to match the decor – when people buy my work, they are looking for a vibe, a feeling, a special piece they can look at over and over again and always see something new. Something that ‘speaks’ to them on a visceral level… a piece that will grow with them.

Beyond balance, value and colour theory (which are also important), the main ingredient I aim for in my work is raw authenticity, energy, and movement. Sometimes I partially hide that layer behind a facade of calm, like makeup. Multiple layers of meaning. Multifaceted like we all are, really.

I know that some of my collectors have bought my paintings just so they can touch them. My work tends to be very tactile (something which is hard to convey on social media).

More than a few collectors have invested in my work because they couldn’t bear the thought of someone else owning it. 🥰

Sometimes when I’m painting, it feels as though I’m creating a piece for someone I haven’t even met yet. That sounds crazy, but the connection that happens between a painting and it’s owner is quite special… it often feels serendipitous – and I am so honoured to be a part of it.

Pictured: A painting of my collector and I on the day I delivered her this 1m x 1m painting, “Balancing Act”. It is a key focus for her family’s dining room, and a vivacious pop of colour amongst a largely neutral decor.

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Liz and Kat Gruber with painting "Balancing Act" by Kathryn Gruber


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'Poolside' is an original abstract painting by Kathryn Gruber